Brake Repair and Other Auto Services in Anchorage, AK

Let us take care of your vehicle

Perhaps you've had a bad brake repair, or been overcharged for a simple oil change? Alaskan Auto Center, LLC understands that the quality of the work matters -- and so does the price. We are the most trusted auto care shop in the Anchorage,  AK area for over 18 years, and there is a reason. We put the customer first - -each and every time.

Don't take your car just anywhere for service. Bring it to us.

Brake repair expert in Anchorage, AK


We know the reputation some mechanics and garages might have, but here at Alaskan Auto Center, LLC in Anchorage, our team provides completely trustworthy service. This means that we first diagnose your problem, then we provide you with our advice and explain everything in a very clear way - no complicated technical terms to try and baffle you. At Alaskan Auto Center, LLC you know exactly what car servicing we'll be providing, why it's needed and how much it will cost - no last minute surprises with us.


We've been in the car servicing business for over 18 years now, and the team at Alaskan Auto Center, LLC in Anchorage is fully experienced in the services that they provide. Whatever your car's make or model, or whether it's a full brake repair or an oil change, you can be confident knowing that we've done it before.


Is your car off the road and costing you money? Bring your car into Alaskan Auto Center, LLC and our team of mechanics here in Anchorage will guarantee a very short turnaround time to get your car back on the road, where it belongs! We have an experienced staff that has the know-how and skills to fix your car.

Need a brake repair? We won't take a week to get it done. We offer same day service! Want your air conditioning charged? We'll get you cooled off right away and no appointment is necessary! We know that speed matters--and we get things done.

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