Oil Changes

Oil Changes for the Anchorage, AK, Area

You've probably heard the common adage to get your car's oil changed about every 3,000 miles. Whether you follow this advice or not, do you
know why it's so important to get your oil changed?

Oil provides important lubrication for your car's metal parts, but the oil gets dirty over time. If you don't change it regularly, the lack of lubrication might cause your engine to fail.

To avoid costly car problems, come down to Alaskan Auto Center. Our mechanics offer oil changes at an affordable price six days a week.

How Often to Get Your Oil Changed in Anchorage, AK

While the 3,000-mile motto is a good guideline, requirements for oil changes differ depending on your vehicle. Check your owner's manual to find the manufacturer's recommendations. For older vehicles, the recommendations usually range between 1,000 and 3,000 miles. Newer vehicles may require far fewer oil changes. However, if you frequently drive in "extreme conditions," such as stop-and-go traffic, you need to change your oil more frequently.

To determine whether you need an oil change, check your oil's color. Turn your car on for a few minutes. Then, turn it off and pull out your oil
dipstick. If the oil is dark brown or black, you need an oil change.

Turn to the Oil Change Experts

Oil changes are complicated and best left to experienced car mechanics. At Alaskan Auto Center in Anchorage, AK, our trained mechanics have
provided this service for hundreds of different vehicles. They can quickly change your oil, typically on the same day you come in.

With 22 years in business, we are the locally owned and operated company that car owners turn to again and again. Call us today at (907) 522-
1669 for a free estimate, or drop by our Anchorage, AK location for same-day service.
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