Diagnostic Testing

Your car consists of more than just an engine and four wheels. From the instrument panel to the climate control module, your car may have just as many microprocessors running as your personal computer. These systems and processors not only improve your car's safety and efficiency, but they also let you know when your car isn't running at its best.

So when your check engine light comes on, don't ignore it and continue driving. Call the team at Alaskan Auto Center Inc in Anchorage, AK. Our mechanics can perform auto diagnostic testing to pinpoint and troubleshoot your vehicle in record time.

Find and Repair Problems Quickly

When you bring your car in for auto diagnostic testing, we'll start by retrieving data from your car's onboard computer system. We'll use the error codes to determine which sensors detected a problem and which systems could be failing. From there, we'll verify whether your ignition, fuel, or emission systems live up to safety specifications in Anchorage, AK.

As we continue to inspect your car, we'll work through your wiring and perform electrical and mechanical tests to pinpoint precise parts that need replacement. If necessary, we'll clean and replace your car's connections and wiring to ensure your car runs smoothly.

Talk to Our Mechanics About Your Vehicle

Although auto diagnostic testing sounds complicated, the trained mechanics at Alaskan Auto Center Inc can perform the service quickly. We can often diagnose and fix the problem the same day you call. While we're at it, we can perform a variety of other services that will keep your car in great shape, including brake repair, oil changes, and tire rotation.

If you suspect that your car needs troubleshooting and repairs, or if you think it needs a simple tune-up, call our Anchorage, AK office at (907) 522-1669 or fill out our  contact form

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